Welcome to D.L.S. Electronic Systems, the largest independent commercial Electromagnetic Compatibility and Product Safety compliance testing facility in North America. Centrally located in suburban Chicago, IL, for over 20 years, the engineering staff at D.L.S. has been helping numerous manufacturers and marketers of electronic and electrical equipment meet global regulations and industry compliance needs in a prompt and economical manner. D.L.S. is certified by the US. Department of Commerce, through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), program of National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP).
D.L.S. offers one of the most modernly equipped laboratory compliance testing operations in North America, fully accredited by NVLAP, with 6 EMC testing chambers that are specially designed and dedicated to RTCA-DO 160 compliance. We have a staff of 25 engineers, of which 15 are NARTE accredited, making D.L.S. a fully accredited NARTE facility.
Our unique facility has three oversized EMC testing chambers, with 36 feet by 25 feet by 20 feet dimensions. Our chambers are configured to handle large devices, as well as unusual sized or dimensioned products. We offer state of the art support equipment including separate shielded load rooms, noise controlled annex power rooms, a 120,000 BTU, 10 ton chiller and cooling system, 15,000 cubic feet per minute air intake and airflow capabilities.
D.L.S. can provide power up to 2000 amps, 480 volts, 400 Hz, three phase, utilizing in-house power generation capabilities. Testing capabilities can provide 200 volts per meter field strength, as well as 600 volts per meter pulse, up to 40 GHz. D.L.S. has over 150 LISN's, custom built antenna, and extra large H Field generators, to handle the unique device requirements.
D.L.S. offers hands on trouble shooting and design assistance as well. We regularly test products for compliance in a number of categories, such as avionics, instrumentation, communications, passenger entertainment, in-flight galley equipment, flight control and management, navigation, identification, power generation and monitoring, flight data recorders, internal and external telecom equipment, and other aircraft equipment. We also offer environmental testing through our partner lab program, most commercial and military specifications.
D.L.S. has pioneered a detailed Early Design Evaluation program, a free consultation with experienced EMC and Product Safety engineers, providing a comprehensive design review of your product, prior to scheduled testing. The review can identify subtle flaws in design, ones that can cause costly engineering time if found during testing.
RTCA DO-160 Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Criteria:
Section 17: Voltage Spike
  • Category A
    - High Degree of Protection
  • Category B
    - Lower Degree of Protection
Section 18: Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility-Power Inputs

  • Category A
    - Primary Power From Constant Frequency AC System and DC is Supplied from Transformer/Rectifier Units
  • Category B
    - Engine Driven Alternators/Rectifiers or DC Generators with Battery on Bus at All Times
Section 19: Induced Signal Susceptibility
  • Category A - Interference Free
  • Category B - Tolerable Level
  • Category C - Interference Free With Severe Coupling/ Long Cable Runs
  • Category Z - Interference Free in System
Section 20: Radio Frequency Susceptibility
  • Category PWY - Severe EM Environment
  • Category V - Moderate EM Environment
  • Category U - Partially Protected
  • Category T - Well Protected Location
  • Category S - Minimal
  • Category R - HIRF Bench Test
Section 21: Emission of RF Energy
  • Category B - Tolerable Levels
  • Category L - Far From Apertures/Antenna Electronics Bay
  • Category M - Apertures EM Significant /Not in Direct View of Antenna/Cockpit or Cabin
  • Category H - Direct View of Antenna Outside Aircraft
Section 22: Lightning Transient Susceptibility
  • Pin Test Level
  • Cable Bundle Test Waveform Test
  • Pin Test Waveform Set
  • Cable Bundle Test Level
Section 23: Direct Lightning Effects
Section 25: Electrostatic Discharge
  • Category A Electronic Equipment Used in Aerospace Environment
  • 15000 Volts Per Pulse
  • Ten Per Location
  • Both Positive and Negative
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